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Caduceum: individual achievement, for a collective win.

Our history

Since 1945, France and many others countries have lived through big sanitary scandals. Which was a fate in the past, has become nowadays unbearable. This led the health authorities to consistently require high quality and regulation standards. Furthermore, the diversity and complexity of the health products make this normative environment even more difficult to handle for the manufacturers.

That was the thinking behind the creation of Caduceum in 2013: to support pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics industries in solving their regulatory and quality issues through all the phases of their development, from the conception of the product to its launch on the market.

This approach required the support of the best specialists, and to attract the best specialist we had to rethink the traditional rules – not only in terms of working conditions but also in terms of training, development and technical support. Caduceum won his bet and consolidated its position as the French leader in the Healthcare consultancy market.

Our identity

Caduceum provides its customers with its expertise in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics industries.

The organisation is based on those 3 centers of excellence, coordinated by our technical direction. Our experts have proven their reliability in the industry thanks to their 15+ years of experience.

This expertise is of high importance: for our clients, it is a synonymous of know-how, and for our consultants it’s the assurance to gain expertise and experience. Beyond its technical knowledge, the leverage of Caduceum is in its human-focused management.
In 4 years, this concept attracted over 300 specialists and increased the loyalty of 250 clients in France. Caduceum’s strong and leading presence in France – made out of its 6 national offices – allows it to focus on its International development.

Important dates

Creation of Caduceum / Opening of the Lyon office
Opening of the Toulouse office
Opening of the Paris office
Opening of the Grenoble office
Creation of the IT Business Unit
Opening of the Sophia-Antipolis office
Opening of the London office
Opening of the Châteaubernard office
Opening of the Strasbourg office