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  • Understanding the new IT constraints included in the 2016 version of the standard, and incorporating them in ongoing project management
  • Understanding the different phases necessary for the validation of IT systems (V Cycle)
  • Conducting a validation project for a critical IT system as per standard requirements
  • Drawing up a validation dossier
  • Being able to direct and carry out an IT System
  • Validation

Audience concerned

– Operational users or members of an IT system project
– IT system project managers
– Company Directors/Decision-makers/Managers


Acquiring the basics

Programme summary

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Presentation and objectives of the IT
  3. System Validation
  4. Regulatory aspects
  5. Prerequisites for IT validation
  6. Validation Procedure
  7. Maintaining validated status
  8. Conclusion


Have an awareness of IT Systems.


1 day
7-hour classroom attendance


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