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CaduCeum organized its second event in London !

This 17th January 2019, CaduCeum organized its second event in London which was focused on the CER (clinical evaluation report for medical device),

and where we had the chance to welcome our internal expert and speaker on this particular topic;

Pierre Rofidal who hosted this conference for a group of professionals in the medical device field. 

And we wanted to thank him especially for its presentation and having shared its experience and knowledge around the CER and new MD regulations. 

But also a special thank all the attendees for their active participation  to these passionate debates and I hope we have been able to answer to the many questions raised by the assemble.

Furthermore, as a tradition, the second part of the event was dedicated to the networking, to continue the discussions around a drink.

Then to conclude, we would like to thank again warmly all the professionals who attended this event and made it successful.

Because at Caduceum we believe that networking is a key to build strong and trustful relationships.

Therefore we can’t wait to welcome you to our next event, and hoping you will be even more numerous to join us!

For more info, and if you want to be notified for the next event, please contact us at: patrick:aguie@caduceum.co.uk