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Interview of team quality

First, why did we start an ISO 9001 quality approach? 

Two reasons are important for this quality approach :

  • First, CaduCeum philosophy is customer oriented. Our clients share their requirements in terms of skill and commercial relationship, we make sure that these requirements are understood at all levels, by the management as well as by consultants and administrative functions, in order to guarantee the satisfaction to our clients. The ISO 9001 certification process allows us to initiate a continuous improvement process in order to anticipate customer needs and therefore be proactive in our response to their expectations.
  • The second reason that led us to undertake this project is for internal structuring. Due to the tremendous growth of CaduCeum, we have chosen to model the company into processes in order to remove barriers between services activities and collaborators and unlock the information, financial and organizational flows… Which allowed us to have better visibility of the internal structure of the company. The implementation of a quality management system is a guarantee of efficiency that allows us to guarantee a quality service by optimizing our operations.
Team Quality managed by Leslie Bruyère
From left to right: Amandine, Leslie, Cyrielle, Mathilde

What were the steps of the implementation of the QMS at CaduCeum?

This project took 2 years in completion. In April 2017, following the fast growth of the company, the management wanted to meet customer needs as well as internal organizational requirements in order to ensure the stability and sustainability of the company. We are talking about a workforce multiplied by 3 since 2016 and a turnover multiplied by 5.

It would be impossible to achieve the significant milestones without the able guidance of our CEO, who ensured a quality manager to lead the project and make sure that the work is done at most efficiency, surrounded by several people working time split on the project. We have been diligently working on this project since 2017 in collaboration with the quality department, the management has established a corporate policy that is built upon four axes:

Convince, Improve, Develop, Unite

In addition, the quality team mapped and documented the processes by identifying process managers and activities and tracking the performance of processes. The quality management system implementation was followed by team’s training about quality management to raise awareness of their involvement and the challenges of this project, because all employees are part of the quality system. Throughout this process, several mock audits have been carried out to ensure the correct direction of the project and it’s conformity with the reference system. The certification audit with AFNOR was carried out in January 2019.

Now that Caduceum is certified, what are the next steps?

Our certificate is valid for 3 years for our agency of Lyon. We are committed to bridge the gaps that have been identified and to make our quality system live through the once-a-year surveillance audits in addition to internal audits specific to our system. Our aim is also to extend this certification to other CaduCeum agencies.

What are the benefits to our customers?

It is mainly a pledge of confidence and seriousness for our company. We have been frequently requested by our customers for our progress on the project and our internal structuring via documentation such as the quality manual or the applicable procedures. We are the pioneers of the process of achieving this certification which give us an edge over our competitors.