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“For 5 years now, starting from scratch, we have successfully came across start-up, scale-up and recently structuring phasis.

Today our basis are strong, they rely on:

– a subject matter expert department,

– 3 business units, covering the entire market: “industrial operations”, “IS and digital” and “international”,

– a rigorous but agile administrative and financial management.

Our processes being reliable and mature, thanks to our ISO 9001 certification and the status of training center, we are now looking forward to moving on to the next step :  being one of the European leader in the Life sciences consultancy landscape.

At this stage, it seemed to me necessary to consider again our logo through a new graphic charter, more dynamic, with more distinct colors and underlined by a motto reflecting our  international ambition.

The new logo remains fully coherent with the original, as our state of mind and our values that will not change.”

Mickaël PRETOT
General Manager